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Tabatha Marie ~ Tribal Detox Practitioner

My journey to Kambo was not a gentle calling .

I have endured a lifetime with severe C- PTSD and had tried and exhausted all efforts of western medicine to help, and was losing a seemingly endless battle.

After sitting with Kambo for a 3 day inoculation, I felt a wave of relief and could finally breathe again. This gave me an immense gratitude towards this tiny amazing creature.

Then after sitting with Kambo many times I felt a calling and followed it to become a  Certified Kambo practitioner with Tribal Detox.

I am simply amazed by the powerful effects and want to share this journey with those that feel the call.

I am not a Shaman, a medical professional , nor a medicine person.

I am simply a conduit of Kambo.


A Safe Space

From the moment you contact me you are entering into a safe space. In my home or yours, through communication, and in my presence, you will never be judged or looked down on. My intention is to keep you safe and allow you to process without any energetic disturbance. 




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Want to know more about Tribal Detox?


Whether you are curious about my training, would like to schedule a session with a Tribal Detox practitioner or looking to join the family, feel free to take a look around the Tribal Detox website.

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