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My journey to Kambo was not a gentle calling .

I have endured a lifetime with severe C- PTSD and had tried and exhausted all efforts of western medicine to help, and was losing a seemingly endless battle.  After sitting with Kambo for a 3 day inoculation, I felt a wave of relief and could finally breathe again. This gave me an immense gratitude towards this tiny amazing creature.  After sitting with Kambo many times I felt a calling and followed it to become a  Certified Kambo Practitioner with Tribal Detox in Creede, Colorado and also completed training in Flordia and abroad in Iquitos, Peru and with Natasha Devi & Victor Escabar of Kambo Jungle Expeditions.

I am simply amazed by the powerful effects and want to share this journey with those that feel the call.

I am not a Shaman, a medical professional , nor a medicine person.

I am simply a conduit of Kambo.


A Safe Space

From the moment you contact me you are entering into a safe space. In my home or yours, through communication, and in my presence, you will never be judged or looked down on. My intention is to keep you safe and allow you to process without any energetic disturbance. 


Tabatha Marie ~ Tribal Detox Practitioner



Tabatha is what I would consider as a perfect practitioner and someone

I would highly recommend to anyone interested in Kambo or any of her

other services. She is knowledgeable, attentive, caring, non judgemental

and makes you feel comfortable immediately.I am very pleased I chose

her for my first Kambo experience.

Tom Braillard  

Tabatha is an amazing Kambo practitioner who makes you feel safe

and comfortable. I love the amount of compassion she has for her

clients and she is a naturally gifted healer. BiColor paradox is the real deal!

Madison Smith  

You will not go wrong with Tabatha!!!!! Tabatha is very knowledgeable

and will take good care of you.

Golan Savage  

 I had the honor to sit with Tabatha, she held beautiful space for me

during my 3x3 session. You will be in amazing hands with her!

Elizebeth Lopez


It has become a true privilege working with Tabatha as my new Practitioner.

My Kambo journey has lasted two years thus far and I joyously intend to

collaborate with her more in the future. Tabatha provides assurance when

guiding someone through the ceremony. She allows me the freedom to safely

develop my style in more creative ways than I had imagined. Tabatha instills

grounded and practical methods in her practice, allowing me to bend my

perception of Kambo and its purpose.

I've worked with other Kambo Practitioners and Tabatha continues to refine

her knowledge of the frog. She has traveled to South America to the source

of the traditional medicine, even enhancing her practice so that her clients

can fulfill the true experience of the frog.


   Chanel Harrington



Before I got started working with Kambo I was pretty nervous, I'm so thankful

Tabitha was the practitioner I received Kambo from. Her compassion and care

as well as knowledge of Kambo really helped put me at ease. She trust the

medicine and works with great passion. I'm so thankful our paths crossed.

Brett Russell  

I had been thinking about doing Kambo for over a year. After watching

my son sit with Kambo, I decided I was ready. I had some anxiety over it

up until the morning of my first Kambo sitting. Tabatha is professional

and knowledgeable and explains each part of the process, which is a huge

comfort. I felt very safe and was able to drown everything out and be in

the moment. She checked in with me after both of my sessions and we've

discussed future sessions as well. This is a very humbling experience and

having a trusted practitioner by my side made the whole experience incredible.

Lindsay Jo Zornes 

I sat with Tabby for a Kambo ceremony. The experience was rejuvenating

and helpful. I noticed the Kambo helped with my chronic back pain and

GI issues.  As a practitioner Tabby was supportive, compassionate and kind. 

She was thorough when explaining and made sure i understood everything.

Austin Ocegueda

My experience was amazing. I sat for the first time last saturday with

Tabatha. I had no idea what to expect afterwards but im feeling great

and looking forward as well as excited to sit again! I highly recommend.


Ubba Ymirsson  



Tabatha is an awesome practitioner!! Very professional with a

gentle and calming presence. She makes Kambo easy!

Colton Foltz



Back from Dallas with this amazing woman. I hope this trip

gives us both some needed healing and answers. I an blessed

beyond measure in so many ways and Cynthia DeGroot ,

you are one of the greatest treasures I am so grateful for

Tabatha Marie, thank you so much again. You are an

amazing soul and very much family.

R.S. Shuffield



Want to know more about Tribal Detox?


Whether you are curious about my training, would like to schedule a session with a Tribal Detox practitioner or looking to join the family, feel free to take a look around the Tribal Detox website.

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